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<QUEENOFICEOLATION> I think I've finally gotten the hang of these devices.
<QUEENOFICEOLATION> There's no harm in setting up one of these, yes?
<QUEENOFICEOLATION> (Thanks to those of you who helped me do so and I'm sorry if I frustrated anyone)
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[Normally, Elsa doesn't care for making text posts. Video helps her be more open people, and even after over a year here, she could always use more help with that! But there are still rare occasions where she just... doesn't trust her emotions to stay under control. So text it is for those days.]

For those of you who have been here for quite a while now:
Is there... any good way to cope with people from other worlds leaving?
I know that, when people from your own world leave, you can be comforted in the fact that you'll see them again when you return home.

But... what about those from other worlds?
They're gone, and unless you remain here for long enough that you return, you'll never see them again.
And if they're important to you, just as much as the people from your own world...

How can you get over the disappearance of someone like that?
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I looked at the date today, and I thought it would be fitting to bring up something I've been wondering for a while.

[It's been a while since Elsa got contemplative over the network. Thankfully, Elsa doesn't look all that upset or nervous, so it's nothing serious!]

Years pass here, and we all age. This is my second birthday in Johto; according to the calendar, I should be twenty-three today.

But that's only compared to how time passes here. What about back home? If we return home after spending years here, do we return as we were when we were first brought here? Or do we just... return to our land older, as we are now? I can't imagine how that might change things in our worlds, even if we have no memories of this place when we go home.

[... Okay yeah it did get kind of deep.]

It's curious, isn't it? Especially when one's taken from a date that doesn't match the date here when they first arrive.
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... Well. Hm. This is new.

[Not the sudden chilly rush washing over her, and the return of the pleasant coolness in her gut that she now knows is the signal that her powers are returning. She's been through this twice now, and to be honest, she wasn't even going to bother doing much today, assuming she didn't get zapped off to some other city miles away like she's heard others complain about before. She was just going to go about her day, maybe make a few flurries for her pokemon to enjoy while they spent time outside, and just. Not bother with the network much.

But this time was different. Only a few minutes after she left the inn, she was accosted by a bird. And not just any bird. A rather large, elegant-looking blue bird. But instead of attacking her or her pokemon, it just sort of. Cuddled up to her.

And it still is when Elsa records this video. It's making soft cooing noises as it nuzzles the top of her head. The poor snow queen just seems absolutely bewildered, reaching up every once in a while to try and fix her mussed-up hair.]

I've... never seen a pokemon like this before. And it won't leave me alone? It's not aggressive, as you can tell, but every time I walk away, it just... keeps following me.

[And right she is. All throughout the day as she makes her usual rounds around Ecruteak and chats with residents and visitors, the Articuno is there with her, either following right behind her or perching on nearby buildings and watching over her.]
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[When the video flocks on, it shows Elsa, looking... a bit thoughtful. Not in a moody way like she was in her last post, judging by the lack of any trouble on her face, but.... it takes a moment for her to realize the recording started before she speaks.]

I checked the date today, and I only just realized something. Today is the one year anniversary of my arrival in Johto. [There's a pause, and she laughs, looking a bit embarrassed.] I promise this won't be as messy as the last time I talked about an "anniversary". That... got a little bit out of hand.

[A shake of the head, and with a sigh, her embarrassment fades.]

I've just... been thinking a lot today. The things I've done here, the people I've met.... they changed me. In ways I don't think I would've been able to change back home. I've learned a lot about the world and other people, and even discovered some things about myself I didn't know before. All thanks to the people here.

I suppose I should thank all of the people I've talked to here. Even if we've only spoken once, you've done much to help me, and for that, I'm forever grateful.

She smiles, then, a bright and brilliant thing.]

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all.
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[This is new: a post from Elsa not in video. Normally she tries to use it as often as she can, since it helps her with talking to people without the intimidation of being face-to-face in person. But she's feeling kind of... not quite upset, but not like herself today. She'd rather not let that bleed into the video and audio, so for now, text it is.]

I just noticed the anniversary of a very important event in my life is almost here. The thing itself wasn't so bad - it was certainly something to celebrate at least - but the events that happened during and after it... they were more than a bit terrible.

[Yeah she's being kind of vague here. But only because she hasn't really told anyone about the whole "Eternal Winter" thing. And she's.... still somewhat afraid to. People know about what happened with Anna, yes, but if they knew she'd almost sentenced her entire kingdom to an eternal winter of suffering... would they act different towards her then?]

Even so, I... look back somewhat fondly on those days, despite the bad things that happened. Because even though bad things happened, a lot of good came out of it in the end.

Still... is that odd?
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[It's snowing in Olivine City! Or, well. In an area of the beach a bit away from the city, that is. DETAILS. While not an odd sight if you're training a pokemon, the snow isn't coming from a pokemon; it's coming from the fair-haired young lady standing in the midst of the snowfall, arms sweeping back and forth as the flurries blow this way and that.

Most of her pokemon look on passively, having seen this display once before, months ago. But still they play! The ones who weren't around for the last show of Elsa's power are jumping about much more eagerly, rolling about in the drifts or happily snapping or swatting at the falling flakes.

Elsa herself, on the other hand, simply laughs and watches, flicking bits of snow at her companions every so often. She doesn't even seem to mind that Frigga grabbed her gear and is filming all of this right now.]

Perfect timing, isn't it? With how warm it's been, I'm glad I could help all of you cool off for a bit!
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[For the first time in a few months now, the scenary in Elsa's video is no longer a small, cozy apartment or the towering skyscrapers of Goldenrod City; instead, the smaller and more elegant-looking buildings of Ecruteak City surround the young woman.]

To those of you who said I'd enjoy Ecruteak City as much as Goldenrod... well. You were right! [She lets out a soft laugh.] This place... it has such a different feel to it than the other towns and cities we've been to so far.

[She takes a deep breath before letting it out slowly, shivering slightly. Geez, it's still a little cold out...]

Anna mentioned that many of the myths of Johto originated in this town. Maybe that has something to do with it.

[And she can't wait to learn all about them!

Oh, but speaking of Anna....]

Elsa, Elsa..!

[It looks like Anna's causing more than a bit of a ruckus in the background; she's trying her hardest to keep the precious cargo in her hands balanced as she comes into view of the camera with a whopping seven different eggs! Anna, being the clumsy girl she is, has to try her hardest not to fall...]

Look at all of these eggs! Isn't it awesome?! Odin and Frigga had triplets! And Idun and Freya had them, too! Even Skadi! I never thought that our Pokemon would actually have eggs together! But the Ralts are probably gonna be like SUPER Ral--Woah...!

[She has to make an effort not to let one of the eggs she's showing off wobble and hit the floor, but, to her credit, she's handling it decently enough... Must be all of that waitressing!]

If you know anyone that wants one, you should tell them that we have a whole bunch!! Oh, but they have to promise to take good care of them!

[... Elsa, who had almost dropped her PokeGear when Anna came stumbling into view with the eggs, and very nearly dropped it again when Anna nearly lost her hold on them, just. Stares in shock.]

I... w-what...

[She. No. She's not gunna think about how this could've happened when they'd been traveling nonstop for almost a week now. Nope not gunna think about it she doesn't wanna know.

... Still. When the shock wears off, she does look rather happy when she finally turns her focus back towards her pokegear.]

W-Well then. You heard my sister. Looks like we need to find a few homes for these little ones...!
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[Elsa looks a lot more subdued than usual - especially compared to her last video - when she begins recording, staring out the window of the little apartment she and Anna had begun renting for their stay in Goldenrod. It's snowing, this time with no help from her, and she's just watching the flakes drift lazily past.]

I know this may sound like an odd question, but... how do you go about celebrating things you haven't really acknowledged in a very long time? Birthdays, holidays, things like that... It feels strange to just go ahead and do it and act like the lack of celebrations in years past never happened. Wrong, almost, to completely dismiss such a long amount of time like that.

It seems rather difficult to make a special event even more special. Does that make sense at all?

[She's not even thinking about her own upcoming birthday (on the 21st!) at all. But Christmas is coming up... the first Christmas in thirteen years that the sisters will be spending together. She wants Anna's first real Christmas since she was five to be perfect, or at least as perfect as Elsa can make it. She just... has no idea how to do that.]
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[Action] )

Okay... ready?

[After a chorus of agreements from her pokemon, Elsa grins, takes a deep breath, and raises her arms.

For those watching in person, they might notice the weather dropping, even more from its already chilly state. And when snow suddenly appears surrounding Elsa and her little group, it might not seem like too much... except none of her ice-types are moving. In fact, they all look quite surprised.

With a flick of her wrists, Elsa commands the snow to swirl around her in a light flurry. Her smile brightens as another twist of her wrist sends the flurry outward, the flakes multiplying until the ground surrounding Elsa is covered in several inches of snow.

Elsa is grinning like a child now. Just one more test to see if she really does have control after this long... it takes a bit of focus, but she wills the snow to move and shape itself, to breathe, and before the eyes of her pokemon (and human) onlookers, an icy replica of a Charizard - not just a Charizard, but the strange new form Nova had taken in the battle against Archie - spreads its wings and lets out a roar as clear as the real thing..]

Even after all this time, after being so out of practice... I can still control it.

[She looks absolutely overjoyed. Like nothing in the world can bring down her good mood. And her pokemon sure seem to share her enthusiasm, judging by how most of them immediately leap into the little snow drifts surrounding them.]
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[For once, when the 'gear flickers on, it doesn't show a hopelessly confused or concerned Elsa. This is good!! Very good.

Instead, there's a great look of excitement on the former queen's face. On her shoulder, a Kirlia clings to her shirt, eyes wide in the slats between its little helmet, mirroring its trainer's expression perfectly. Behind them, the massive buildings and skyscrapers of Goldenrod City can be seen, windows glinting in the afternoon sun.]

This is amazing! Don't you think so, Frigga?

[For someone who normally tries to stay as reserved as she possibly can while communicating over these devices, the sound of such unbridled wonder in her voice may be a bit of a change to hear.]

I didn't know buildings could get this tall... I've read about great castles and palaces in books and such, but I've never heard of anything as tall as this. [She smiles, turning to Frigga.] It sure is something, isn't it?

[Frigga smiles and nods, making a happy noise. Elsa then turns back to the gear.]

Are a lot of cities in this land this... big? Violet and Azalea were both decent enough, but they're nowhere near as extravagant as this city!

[There's a pause, then Elsa looks somewhat sheepish as she realizes just how excited she was just acting. O-Oh dear, and so many people saw...]

I'm sorry if I sound rather.... eager. But things like this... buildings and architecture and such... I've always had a fascination with them. And structures like this never got this big in Arendelle...

Are there more cities like this? Ones with interesting or unique architecture? [Boy, she sure does seem pretty darn eager...] Even if they're not anything like this... I'd like to know what cities to look forward to visiting!

[Oh Elsa, your inner nerd is shining through so beautifully...]
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[One day, Elsa will make a post to the network that doesn't involve questioning everyone. Today? not really one of those days.]

I'm sorry I've asked so many questions every time I post messages here. After being here for over a month, one would think that I knew enough to not need to ask so many questions. But this is just... something I haven't seen before. So I have to ask.

[The camera shifts from Elsa's face down to her lap. Wriggling happily upon it, nose pushing against her palm as it snuffles curiously, is a Dratini. But there's something a little.... odd about it.]

Do pokemon come in different colors? From what I've been able to tell with others of the species I've seen, it hasn't been the case, but this little one hatched today, and she's.... different, from the pictures I've seen of this species. Is this normal?
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[The Elsa that appears on the video today is a much, much calmer Elsa then was last seen at the beginning of the month. In fact, she looks very relaxed, lounging by the shore of the lake just outside of Sprout Tower. By her side is a new addition to her team; a Lapras, very young if its smaller size is anything to go by. It seems to be dozing off, its head resting in Elsa's lap. She's gently stroking the creature's neck, a soft smile on her face.]

I have another question. This one, thankfully, is on a much less distressing note.


Does keeping Pokemon in those balls of theirs for long periods of time... hurt them or upset them in any way? None of the locals here seem too concerned about such a thing, but even so... I can't help but worry a bit. I try to keep mine out of their balls as much as possible, but I'm afraid that might not be very doable with this one, once Anna and I start traveling again...
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[When the 'gear flicks on, the camera seems to be pointing at.... the ground. The ground, and a black-shoed foot. The camera shakes for a minute, and the voice of a young woman can be heard speaking.]

Is this strange device really meant to be used to communicate with others...? But how...

[It's then that a somewhat worried-looking Snorunt comes into view, its little arms raised. Whoever-it-was pauses before giving the device over to the creature. The camera then spins, and focuses on the owner of the voice; a pale, fair-haired young woman dressed in typical trainer clothes, looking very confused.]

I'm just not sure how I'm meant to-- [She's cut off by the Snorunt, who makes a few noises before moving closer and holding the pokegear up, getting a better view of the girl in the process. She sighs.] Okay... fine.

[She clears her throat and stands up straight, a rather regal-seeming posture for someone dressed in such casual clothes.] My name is Queen Elsa of Arendelle, and I'm afraid I've been kidnapped. I've been told that no, I really haven't been kidnapped, but... I can't exactly believe that, can I?

[Her brows furrow, then, and her shoulders seem to scrunch up a bit in a show of nervousness.] I need help. Information. If I can at least be told where exactly this "Johto" is, how far away I am from Arendelle... I would very much appreciate it. [She begins to wring her hands together, now clearly showing signs of someone who's deeply unsettled.] If there's any way at all to contact those back home... please... I need to know. My staff, my... my sister... they must be so worried....

[Her hands are now clenching each other tightly as she tries to calm herself, but it doesn't seem to be of any use. So, rather quickly, she approaches the Snorunt, taking the gear out of its hands and fumbling once more with it.] A-As I said, any help would be greatly appreciated. But for now, I'm afraid I must end this conversation. I apologize for how abrupt this is. G-Goodbye.

[Can't let them see, can't let them see--]

[Thankfully, she finds the right button to hit, and the screen goes dark.]
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["I'm terribly sorry, but Elsa isn't here right now! Feel free to leave a message, and I'll do my best to respond in a timely manner."]
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Location: Cherrygrove City
Traveling Party: Anna ([personal profile] sunshineprincess)

Pokemon On-Hand:

Pokemon In Storage:

- 1 Trainer Outfit:
- 1 Felt Hat (Aqua)
- 1 PokéGear
- 1 Icy Rock
- 1 moon ring (sun ring given to Anna) (birthday gift from [personal profile] styxiedust)
- 1 Silver Snorunt necklace (Christmas gift from [personal profile] styxiedust)
- 1 Gold Locket (Silver given to Anna) (Christmas gift from [personal profile] fatalissimo)
- A bunch of Architectural drawings (Christmas gift from [personal profile] me_first)
- 1 Full-sized Delibird plushie (Christmas gift from [personal profile] cawsforalarm)
- 1 Photo of King Agdar of Arendelle (Reward for the Born of a Wish event)
- 1 plush ralts (Christmas gift from [personal profile] shatterings)
- 1 half-heart necklace with "big sister" on it (Christmas gift from [personal profile] shatterings)
- 1 moonflower bracelet (Christmas gift from [personal profile] styxiedust)
- 1 handmade journal (Birthday gift from [personal profile] styxiedust)
- 1 christmas tree ornament with snowflake patterns (Christmas gift from [personal profile] callbacks)
- 1 tea mug (Christmas gift from [personal profile] bent_the_world)
- 1 nice hat (Christmas gift from [personal profile] bent_the_world)


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